Imagine individuals that are free from their perceived limitations.

Now, imagine an organization that is eager to have the difficult conversations that allow it to improve

and have meaningful interactions with its employees and customers.

And finally, imagine a society where all people have access to powerful tools of personal transformation.

This is the future we hold to be true.

We invite you to share it with us.

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Individual Work

I work with a select group of Influencers that want to transform themselves and benefit the world. For the past 20 years, I have collected self-awareness practices and techniques from the neurological, psychological, and spiritual fields. These techniques lead to profound personal development for my clients.

Group Work

I work with organizations that want to create highly functional teams and that are willing to do the work to achieve that goal. I offer techniques of communication that allow these organizations to look forward to hard conversations because they know it will be productive and supportive. The result is an organization that solves problems quickly because the team members feel a sense of autonomy, ownership and excitement.


I put money to work for high net worth families who are interested in funding scalable projects in the personal transformation space. I work in both venture capital and non-profit sectors. My focus is on scalable projects that can grow quickly and address a large market. I use tools created in my personal work and group work as well as the six tenants of scalability during the investment process. This unique approach has allowed me to have a successful track record of investment.